The fear based beliefs you’ve adopted (likely from early childhood) influence how you think. When you think negatively you feel bad, and bad about yourself, resulting in negative coping behaviors like substance abuse, which can lead to addiction.

The consequences of addiction confirm your self-limiting beliefs keeping you in the same negative thinking patterns further diminishing your self-confidence, self-esteem and jeopardizing your sobriety. 

One of the most important things you can do in early sobriety (in addition to adopting healthier coping behaviors) is reprogram your mindset with new powerful beliefs, habits and perceptions that change how you think and feel overall, so you maintain recovery and thrive. 


(Coach Supported or Self-Motivated)

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    • Recognize your Triggers and Patterns

    • Gain Direction & Clarity for Recovery

    • Develop Positive Thinking Patterns

    • Understand Your Needs

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    • Strengthen Your Top Mental Faculties

    • Leverage Your Fears

    • Visualize Your Recovery Outcomes

    • Set SMART Recovery Goals

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    • Align Your Core Values

    • Shift Your Negative Perceptions

    • Love & Forgive Yourself

    • Acknowledge Your Growth in Recovery


  • You objectively evaluate and manage triggering thoughts and feelings without using

  • You feel confident in your ability to achieve your recovery and personal goals

  • You feel valued, worthy and connected to healthy relationships


The lessons and strategies you’ll implement from my coaching program will improve your self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem, “A.C.E.”, proven key areas for reprogramming your mindset for recovery.

I teach MindSET for Recovery in private treatment centers in Los Angeles; and now online. I've even worked on NIDA funded program with the prestigious think tank, RAND Corporation.

Loree Cohen, Founder, Inneractions Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center

"DaMarcus is knowledgeable, insightful, and organized. I will continue to refer to him."

Georgia Frabotta, Owner, The Villa Treatment Centers

“DaMarcus has been an asset to our clients’ treatment”

Danny R, Program Director, Iris Healing Retreat

"I've seen DaMarcus reach people in a way that shifts something in them. He's great at what he does."

Daniel Ballen, Clinical Director, Covenant House California

"DaMarcus comes in to work with our homeless youth a couple of times a week. His methods makes an incredible difference in their lives."

My name is DaMarcus Morton; I’m a certified Coach and graduate of The University of Akron where I studied Criminal Justice/Sociology.  

I grew up in Akron, Ohio and have a lot of great memories but there were traumatic experiences that diminished my self-worth. The resulting cycle of negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors seemed impossible to escape. For a long time, I was convinced it was just who I was going to be.

Through coaching and the work of strengthening my self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem, I moved beyond my self-limiting beliefs and created a better life for myself.

I've had the opportunity to develop private and government funded programs. I've done individual and group addiction counseling, I even consulted on NIDA funded project with the prestigious think tank, Rand Corporation and more.

As a coach, I'm passionate about coaching people in recovery beyond their own perceived limitations using the time-tested strategies that worked for me and many others.

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*course doesn’t interfere with other support services (i.e. therapy, AA/NA etc.)